Pointfix is a systems integrator delivering enterprise quality ict solutions to both the professional and consumer markets.

As a small, young and dynamic company we care very much about delivering service that is fulfilling the needs of our clients.

To achieve this, we keep things easy, simple and effective.

Key Expertise:


- Windows Server Solutions

- Installation and administration of Windows Server 2008/2003/2000

- Design and Implementation of Active Directory

- Design and Implementation of ADAM/LDS

- Design and Implementation of Group Policy Objects

- Design and Implementation of DHCP and DNS

- Installation and administration of IIS

- Systems Management

- Microsoft System Center

- Microsoft System Management Server

- High availability

- Design and Implementation of Windows Failover Cluster solutions

- Design and Implementation of DFS

- Design and Implementation of Redundant Storage Area Networks

- Security

- Centralized anti-malware management

- Network Access Control using 802.1X authentication

- Host Intrusion Prevention / Client Firewall configuration

- NTFS ACL Management (AD Design)

- Imaging and Deployment

- Design and Implementation of Windows Deployment Services

- Single-touch installation, multi-platform (AD integrated)

- Imaging of Windows clients and servers

- Virtualisation

- Microsoft Hyper-V / Virtual Server

- VMWare Server / Workstation / ESXi

- Microsoft Application Virtualization (APP-V)

- Database

- Installation and administration of Microsoft SQL Server

- Scripting


- VBScript and Powershell


- Custom Services

- Automatisation of interactive processes (see Products area)

- Documentation of Infrastructure / Systems

- Consumer Services

- Installation of Home Server systems

- Installation of Home Media center systems

- Installation of Home Storage systems

- Securisation of Home Network Infrastructure



Our products are generally basic ASP-built frameworks which are
to fullfill strategic goals as shown below in the descriptions.
The basic framework has a fixed pricing including onsite
installation. Of course it is also possible to upgrade the
product to your specific needs.

We can deliver key-on-the-house solutions ranging from
buying servers upto installing them with the OS and the product.
It all depends from what service you as customer require.

- Sysmage

Sysmage is a custom portal site which allows centralised management
of a variety of AD and other functions for your system and support teams.

Functions: (AD is required)
- Creation of new users
- Adding/removing machines on your network
- Viewing and unlocking of all currently locked users
- Customised editing of user attributes

- Groupmage and Foldermage

Groupmage and Foldermage is a user rights management tool which allows
the delegation of changing users their AD group membership
and the ACL management of your File Server data folders
to certain non-administrative users by using an easy, intuitive interface

- PointAnnounce

PointAnnounce is an intranet popup messenger system which sends
instant HTML-encoded messages to the users from all currently
running systems on your network.


Products are currently under development.
More info will follow soon on this website


Pointfix wants to be associated with passion for IT.
That's why a project which is started will be finished with the
highest possible care for quality.

We also care for the human touch understanding that a good IT
product is a better IT product if it's appreciated by it's users
and creators.

ICT issues are not "problems" for us, we see them as "challenges",
and solving these challenges by presenting professional solutions is
one of the primary mission statements of pointfix.

We care about what we do and we want to present solutions
which create a feeling of joy for both you as customer and ourselves.

ICT challenge?
You point it, we'll fix it!


Pointfix BVBA

Eeuwfeestlaan 71
2500 Lier (Belgium)

Tel BE: 03 3373979
Tel INT: +32 3 3373979
e-mail: info@pointfix.be

BTW BE 0824.617.586
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